Getting Started Plugin for JIRA Atlassian

  1. Install Plugin: Tempo Timesheets-Time Tracking & Reports from Atlassian Marketplace.
  2. Your company admin adds external system to External systems > add external system > Choose your company & input Name "Jira provider" > Click Next > Input External system type: Jira; External system source type: Tempo Plugin; url: "your-Jira-account-url" > Click Finish
  3. Your company admin adds user to external system in External Systems > Jira provider – in Actions column click on the icon to Add user > Search or pick user from drop-down
  4. User authorizes Manday in JIRA: In > Providers > In Actions column click on "+" > Atlassian – Authorize for: Choose a site "your-Jira_account-url" – Click on Accept > In select projects to sync with Manday – Click on Submit > Click on Additional Autorization icon in Actions column > JIRA – Authorize Access to Tempo Data – Click on Onwards

How to install & use Manday Plugin for JIRA

1. Install plugin

Start with installing Manday Plugin for JIRA from Atlassian Marketplace.

2. Start logging your work directly from JIRA

Via Kanban board

In JIRA > Kanban board > Click on task > Click on "+ Add work log" > Insert date, duration, type & optionally description to modal windows > Save

Via Monthly view of reported hours

In JIRA click on Apps > Manday > Choose day > Add work log (work item, duration, type & optionally description) > Save

Reporting & overview in

Monthly overview of reported hours

In you will find the monthly report, that displays a daily list of all hours worked by the logged-in user. Here you can edit, delete or add the tracked hours.

Reporting: Well-organized project reports in one place

All your projects from external systems are displayed in the Timesheet tab. You can view, group and filter the hours worked as needed..

Optional grouping: Any variation of grouping allows you to display custom views of the work hours reports.

Filtering by companies, systems and projects: You can filter hours worked by companies, external systems, projects, users or log types.

Specific time range: Choose from preselected or custom time range for the  report required.

MANDAY as an integration platform

MANDAY offers REST API connectivity to read and write data as needed. Therefore nothing prevents you from the integration with your own internal system or e.g. with PowerBI.

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