Azure DevOps Getting Started

Install Azure DevOps extension

FIrst step is installation Azure DevOps plugin. Microsoft Azure DevOps Marketplace plugin:

Installation is simple and quick. Just click on button GET Extension and confirm installation in your Organisation. After installation is required to confirm EULA conditions in Manday Page in Azure DevOps root menu.

Time Tracking and reporting in Azure DevOps

MANDAY.IO brings a convenient way to report work directly in Azure DevOps. The integrated plugin adds the ability to report working hours for anytype of work item, task, or bug. Simple input takes no more than 10 seconds.

Monthly overview of reported hours

The monthly report displays a list of hours for the logged-in user. The reported hours can be edited, deleted or added.

MANDAY Reporting

Well-organized project reports in one place

You can find all your projects from external systems on the Timesheets tab. Clear view for grouping and filtering.

Select external systems and projects

Filter according to the selected external systems and projects.

Select a time range

Choose the time range for the report.


Each grouping option allows you to view your own inputs on the reports.

MANDAY as Integration platform

Mandayallows REST API connectivity to read and write data. Therefore, nothing prevents you from integration with your own internal system or, for example, PowerBI.

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